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Boires boutique restaurants is a neighborhood restaurant concept with a food menu inspired by traditional aperitif plates. We also offer organic coffee and our wine list features artisan winemakers, as well as renowned brewers.

For the food menu, we favor local suppliers. The coffee we serve is carefully selected in collaboration with a Montreal roaster. The wines that are sold in our restaurants are distributed by various agencies and by local producers that we are proud to work with.

We like to welcome customers without pretension and host them in an atmosphere that is reminiscent of an aperitif course at home.

We are open during the day, until early evening. We welcome customers who want to eat, drink a coffee or a glass of wine. Alone, in a group, to socialize, study or work, everyone is welcome.

Looking forward to sharing memorable moments with you!


6422 Saint-Laurent, Local 102
Montreal, QC, H2S 3C4


281 Rue de la Couronne
Quebec, QC, G1K 6E2


1583 Dupont Street
Toronto, Ontario M6P 3S5

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