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Enfants Sauvages – 6

Located in Fitou, Côtes-catalanes, “Les Enfants Sauvages” cultivate their vines in the heart of the scrubland according to the principles of biodynamics. The natural vinifications in infusion offer sunny, vibrant and musical wines with an incomparable freshness.

1x Cool Moon 2019 (Grenache blanc Vermentino Grenache gris Macabeo) *WHITE
1x Bouche du Soleil 2021 (Muscat d’Alexandrie Muscat petits grains) *MACERATION
1x Che Chauvio 2021 (Syrah Cinsault Mourvèdre) *RED
1x Bouche Bée 2021 (Mourvèdre) *RED
1x Roi des Lézards 2018 (Carignan) *RED
1x Noces de Lumières 2018 (Mourvèdre) *RED

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