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Steffensberg 2005 x 3 – Now we’re talking Riesling with age on it. The wine show notes of juicy peach and apricot, rain-water minerality, and misty floral notes. Amazing wine with exotic foods.
Magnus Riesling x 3 – The Magnus is textural, dry, with perfectly ripened citrus and stone fruit, and rip-roaring acidity to balance.
Moulin-à-Vent x 3 – Cru Beaujolais that’s rich with red fruits edging onto candied, spicy blackberry and blackcurrant, with a long racy finish.
Princic Rosso x 3 – A Pioneer in orange wine makes red! A blend of Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon make for an energetic red which has no problem satisfying those who enjoy richer wines.


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