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Dario Princic – 4

Dario Princic owns ten acres of vines in Oslavia, Italy, just a few steps away from the Slovenian border. This region is known for its traditional skin contact wine production and Princic has been around long before the “orange wine” we know today. His wines are built for aging, show great complexity, elegance and have a unique personnality. One thing is certain, nobody stays indifferent to Dario’s wines!


1 x Princic, Rosso (Cabernet sauvignon Merlot) Venezia Giulia *RED

1 x Princic, Sivi 2018 (Pinot grigio) Venezia Giulia *ORANGE

1 x Princic, Trebez 2017 (Chardonnay Pinot grigio Sauvignon blanc) Venezia Giulia *ORANGE

1 x Princic, Bianco (Chardonnay Sauvignon blanc) Venezia Giulia *WHITE


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