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Duo Grands Crus l’enclos – 2

Didn’t have the chance to get your hands on the Grands Crus of the Domaine de l’Enclos before they flew away? Here’s your chance to fill your cellar with Blanchot and Les Clos 2019.


Romain and Damien Bouchard embody the 5thgeneration of Bouchards that cultivate vines on the great terroirs of Chablis. Following the sale of their father Pascal Bouchard’s trading business in 2015, the brothers set out to create a domain of their own and conforming to their standard of quality. They thus acquire a beautiful and large property enclosed by walls in the heart of Chablis. From there was born Domaine de l’enclos. A gravity-fed, low-energy cellar was built as part of the domain. Their vines, aged between 50 and 60 years, are located on the 4 levels of the Chablis appellation. They have vines in three Grands Crus: Le Clos, Blanchot and Vaudésir and five Premiers Crus climates: Fourchaume, Vau de Vay, Montmains, Mont de Milieu and Beauroy. From their first vintage, in 2016, they began the conversion to organic farming on the entire vineyard. Next year, all the plots will officially have organic certification. In the cellar, no input is used apart from minimal doses of sulfur during bottling. The wines are straight, pure and complex and highlight the different exceptional terroirs of the young vineyard with an old soul.


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