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Glouglou – 12

The cash register for great thirst, enough to make your expense in all your Christmas parties

1x Dom. du Facteur, Facteur rouge (Pineau d’aunis – Gamay) Loire *ROUGE
1x Arthur Bohn, En Vrac (Riesling-Sylvaner) Alsace* WHITE MACÉRATION
1x Nibiru, Grundstein (Müller-Thurgau) Kamptal* WHITE MACERATION
1x Folk Machine, Central Coast (Pinot Noir) California *RED
1x Uncle Charles’ barn, Pet Nat (Pinot Auxerrois) Alsace* PET NAT
1x Mother Rock, White (Chenin) Swartland* WHITE
1x Lapis Vinolenti, Cinnabar (Cinnabar) Beaujolais *RED
1x Dom. Marinière, Contact Case (Chenin) Chinon* ORANGE
1x Arthur Bohn, Coup de Jus (Pinot noir-Pinot gris-Riesling) Alsace*ROUGE
1x Nibiru, Grundstein (Blauer portugieser) Kamptal* ROSÉ
1x Dom du Facteur, La Bulle du facteur (Chenin) Vouvray * PET NAT
1x Vale da Capucha, White Fossil (Fernao Pires-Arinto-Gouveio) – Lisboa *WHITE

In accordance with the RACJ, a fee of $ 2 will be automatically added to your order, corresponding to the price of a pack of popcorn prepared in our shop.


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