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Grange de l’oncle Charles – 6

“The Alsatian terroir in its purest expression”

Jérôme François works alone without a tractor on 4.5 ha in Ostheimen, Alsace. The vineyard, meadows and orchards follow biodynamic principles with the greatest respect for age-old traditions. The vinifications are natural allowing the Alsatian terroir to express itself in its purest expression.

1 x Parcours 2020 (Aux Chass Gewürzt Riesl Musc Pinot bl) VDF / Alsace *WHITE
1 x Pétillant Naturel 2020 (Auxerrois) VDF / Alsace *SPARKLING WHITE
1 x Kaysersberg 2019 (Pinot blanc Pinot gris Auxerrois) VDF / Alsace *WHITE
1 x Mille lieux sur lies 2021 (Riesl Gewürzt Pinot g Musc) VDF / Alsace *MACERATION
1 x Mille lieux 2020 (13 Alsatian grape varieties) VDF / Alsace *WHITE
1 x Le Mont des Clochettes 2021 (Pinot noir Gewürztraminer) VDF / Alsace *RED

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