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Grange de l’oncle Charles – 6

When you taste Jérôme’s wines, you know that you are dealing with a winemaker who has a true love for everything natural! Working with the biodynamic approach, Jérôme allows his land to express itself and nothing is added during the vinification. The Alsatian vines are worked by horses, Fastoche and Sirius and, of course, herds of sheep graze the domain thus taking care of it ‘’au naturel’’.


2 x Parcours 2020 (Auxerrois Chasselas Gewürzt Riesling Muscat Pinot blanc) Vin de France / Alsace *WHITE

2 x Pétillant naturel 2020 (Auxerrois) Vin de France / Alsace *WHITE

2 x Kaysersberg 2019 (Pinot blanc Pinot gris Auxerrois) Vin de France / Alsace *WHITE


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