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Off-Road -6

Get off the beaten track with these beautiful and unusual bottles that will make you discover another facet of their wine regions.

1X Weninger, Rozsa Petsovits 2020 (Syrah Zweigelt Pinot noir) Autriche/Hongrie *DARK ROSÉ
1X Sammontana, Primo Fuoco Bianco 2020 (Sauvignon blanc Malvasia Trebbiano) Toscane *MACERATION
1X La Callejuela, Blanco de Hornillos 2020 (Palomino fino) Andalousie *WHITE
1X Vino Lauria, Costabisaccia 2020 (Cataratto) Sicile *WHITE
1X Mas Théo, Le P’tit Gaby 2019 (Grenache Syrah Carignan) Rhône *RED
1X Bulliat, Bibine 2020 (Gamay) Beaujolais *RED

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