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A case of wines for the insiders, for those who know and love terroir wines. A selection of wines, elaborated with elegance and finesse that will be the highlights of tastings between connoisseurs.

1 x Domaine de l’Enclos, Chablis 1er cru Beauroy 2018 (Chardonnay) Chablis/Bourgogne *WHITE
1 x Casina Bric, Barolo 2014 (Nebbiolo) Barolo/Piedmont *RED
1 x Bonnet-Ponson, Perpetual Extra Brut Rosé (Chardo/Pinot noir/Meunier) Champagne *ROSÉ
1 x A.D. Beckham, Aequalis 2019 (Pinot gris/Pinot noir) Willamette Valley/Oregon *RED
1 x Terres d’Ocre, Instan T Rouge 2020 (Pinot noir/Gamay) Saint-Pourçain/Loire *RED
1 x Louis Terral, Marguerite 2019 (Gamay) VDF – Bugey *RED


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