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Legendary Gems – 6

Six mythical wines that will truly animate your holiday evenings. Don’t hesitate to ask us about these legendary bottles. We’ll be more than happy to tell you all about them so you can step up your wine game and impress your guests. We love to talk about these gems anyways.

1 x Trévallon, Alpilles 2018 (Cabernet Sauvignon Syrah) Provence*RED
1 x Viuva Gomes, Colares 1969 (Ramisco) Portugal *RED
1 x Domaine de l’Enclos, Chablis Premier Cru Mont de Milieu 2018 (Chardonnay) *WHITE
1 x Guillaume Gilles, Nouvelle R 2019 (Syrah) Cornas *RED
1 x Éric Texier, Châteauneuf-du-Pape white 2018 (Clairette Bourboulenc) Rhône *WHITE
1 x Bonnet-Ponson, Petit Mélange Brut Nature (Petit meslier Chardonnay Pinot noir Meunier Arbane Pinot gris Pinot blanc) Champagne *SPARKLING WHITE

In accordance with the RACJ, a fee of $2 will be automatically added to your order, corresponding to the price of a pack of popcorn prepared in our shop.


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