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6 bottles of natural wine to quench great thirst – cs 6


1x Dom. La Marinière, Peau de l’ours (Cab franc) Chinon *RED
1x Arthur Bohn, En Vrac (Riesling-Sylvaner) Alsace *BLANC MACÉRATION
1x Dom. du Facteur, Facteur rouge (Pineau d’aunis – Gamay) Loire *ROUGE LIGHT
1x Bele Casel, Col Fondo (Glera-Bianchetta) Venetie *COL FONDO
1x Sammontana, Prunecchio (Sauvignon-Malvasia-Trebbiano) Tuscany *WHITE

1x Uncle Charles’ barn, Schist (Sylvaner-Riesling) Alsace *WHITE


* In accordance with the RACJ (Régie des alcool) liquor regulations, a charge of $2 is automatically added to your order, corresponding to the price of a pack of popcorn prepared in our shop.


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