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A 100% PET’NAT There’s always a good reason to open a pet nat: for birthdays, a first date or simply to start the evening. Every event deserves its own bubbles.

1x Alta Alella X Boires 2021 (Pansa rosada) Catalonia * ROSÉ
1x Force Céleste 2021 (Chenin Pinotage) Swartland *ROSÉ
1x Grange de l’Oncle Charles 2020 (Auxerrois) Alsace *WHITE
1x Corte Bravi, Vivace 2021 (Corvinone) Verona *ROSÉ
1x Staffelter Hof, Ruby Soho 2021 (Pinot noir Regent) Moselle *RED
1x Marinière, Test P.C.R 2021 (Cabernet franc) VDF/Chinon * ROSÉ

In accordance with the RACJ, a fee of $2 will be automatically added to your order, corresponding to the price of a pack of popcorn prepared in our shop.


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