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Rigour and Whimsy – 6

6 shades of rainbow from this colourful British Columbia estate. Natural wines from Okanagan Falls on the border of the Canadian desert that are all more vibrant than each other. 🌈🦄

1 x Rigour & Whimsy, Bifröst 2021 (Riesling Gewurztraminer) Okanagan Valley *MACERATION
1 x Rigour & Whimsy, Celery Diversion 2021 (Sauvignon Blanc) Oliver *MACERATION
1 x Rigour & Whimsy, Licorice Daddy 2021 (Cabernet franc) Osoyoos *RED
1 x Rigour & Whimsy, Edge of Chaos 2021 (Cabernet franc Cabernet sauvignon Petit verdot) Okanagan Valley *RED
1 x Rigour & Whimsy, Bite of the Dragon God’s Mountain Vineyard 2021 (Riesling) Okanagan Falls *WHITE
1 x Rigour & Whimsy, Roussanne Marsanne 2019 Webster Vineyard *WHITE

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