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Staffelter Hof – 6

Hear us out, even though Staffelter Hof is the oldest German winery, what Jan Matthias produces are bright and vibrant wines that pique the interest of the new wave of wine geeks . A fresh new perspective of the Mosel one sip at a time!


1 x Ruby Soho 2020 (Pinot noir Regent) Moselle *SPARKLING RED

1 x Magnus Madcap Landwein 2019 (Riesling) Moselle *WHITE

1 x Orange Utan 2020 (Riesling Muskateller) Moselle *ORANGE

1 x Kiss Kiss Maddie’s Lips 2020 (Pinot madeleine) Moselle *SPARKLING ROSÉ

1 x Müller Time 2020 (Müller thurgau) Moselle *WHITE

1 x Little Red Riding Wolf 2020 (Pinot noir) Moselle *RED


In accordance with the RACJ, a fee of $2 will be automatically added to your order, corresponding to the price of a pack of popcorn prepared in our shop.


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