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Unicorns – 6

Unique, rare wines, small mythical pearls from Quebec to Slovenia.

1x Nival, Ces petits imprévus (Vidal) *PET NAT
1x Dom de l’enclos, À l’Ouest (Chardonnay) Chablis *WHITE
1x Čotar, Malvasija (Malvasia) Kras Slovénie *ORANGE
1x Lapis Vinolenti, Cinabre (Gamay) Beaujolais *RED
1x Dario Prinčič, 1x Sivi (Pinot grigio) Venezia Giulia *RAMATO
1x Andrea Occhipinti, Alter Alela (Aleatico direct pressing) Lazio *BLANC DE NOIR



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