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Quebec & Friends – 6

Quebec, Okanagan and Mendocino (why not?). Nordic climate, freshness and great drinkability match in this box with all kinds of North American accents.

1 x Nival, Matière à Discussion 2021 (Vidal) VdQ *WHITE
1 x Rigour&Whimsy, Edge of Chaos 2021 (Cab sauv Cab franc Petit verdot) Okanagan *RED
1 x Pinard&Filles, Nuance de gris 2021 (Frontenac gris) VdQ *WHITE
1 x Folk Machine, Parts & Labour 2021 (Grenache Carignan Syrah) Mendocino *RED
1 x Clos des Cigales, Des cigales dans la fourmilière (Frontenac noir) VdQ *RED
1 x Rigour&Whimsy, Bifröst 2021 (Riesling Gewürzt) Okanagan *MACERATION

In accordance with the RACJ, a fee of $2 will be automatically added to your order, corresponding to the price of a pack of popcorn prepared in our shop.


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